Dash PR Proposal 1 of 2 – Shift Communications

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The purpose of this proposal is to select a public relations agency of record for Dash. This is proposal 1 of 2 and represents one of the two teams available for selection. The winning agency will need to receive the standard 10% of masternode net votes as a yes in order to win. For additional information related to the selection process and background of this proposal there is a forum post here:

-DCG Marketing

Executive Summary

SHIFT Communications is a global public relations agency that specializes in helping companies from a range of industries clearly communicate their value propositions to stakeholders and key audiences. The firm has a deep portfolio of tech experience, including extensive work for the fintech and digital currency industries. SHIFT proposes a San Francisco-based team to support Dash due to its close relationships with a range of industry, technology, and business media. Through its network, SHIFT also brings strong cannabis industry experience to the table, which will help Dash as the organization moves into this vertical industry. The program that makes the most sense for Dash at this time is one that’s firmly anchored to authenticity and truth. The digital currency has had its fill of bad press. Dash has an opportunity to showcase the best of the industry through the realization of a product that serves a purpose beyond speculation. But the media are skeptical, which means the pressure is on to convince media Dash is a legitimate player that should be listened to (and written about). To accomplish this, we’ll devise a clear communications strategy that champions your wins, injects your point of view into larger narratives, and helps media and influencers understand how the next generation of digital currency companies have learned from past missteps and as a result are better poised to move the industry – and end-user experience – forward in a positive way. SHIFT proposes a monthly retainer of $10K for a six-month engagement. The all-inclusive retainer includes strategy + planning, messaging revisions, media relations, owned content creation, and account management. SHIFT’s proposal can be found here.